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How To Generate Multiple Income Streams Using The Internet

Is your income not enough for your needs?

Looking for a way to earn money from home?

Want to earn five to six digits on the internet?

Are You Ready to Make a Fortune Online?

With the downturn of the economy due to COVID-19, people looked for ways to earn online. In the middle of the crisis, those who marketed, sold and transacted online were those who have survived and even thrived!

1.8 Billion

people worldwide purchased goods online at least once in their life.


62 %

of online shoppers buy something at least once a month online.


Over 50%

of shoppers today spend more on mobile than they do in-store.



We want to help you become


A DIGIPRENEUR is a person who is able to earn through the internet.

Why Become a Digipreneur?

Everyone is now forced to go and transact online.

This is one of the most convenient ways to start an enterprise.

Having a digital income is one of the fastest ways to grow your wealth.

Faster rate of growth compared to traditional systems

If you want to learn different income opportunities on the internet today which is sustainable and profitable,

If you want to earn 5-6 digits figures per month you can be proud of...

Then I want you to mark this on your calendar….


Via Exclusive Facebook Livesteam


Chinkee Tan

Motivational Speaker and Best-selling author

Spent the last three years building his online business

Sold over a million copies of his books online.

2.7 Million Followers

900k Subscribers

Carlo Ople

Marketing and Digital Busines Expert

Created 17 income streams online.

Established his digital empire as a side hustle while also working as a high-level executive of PLDT

684k Subscribers


Doug Kramer

Social Media Personality

Retired professional PBA player.

Built their brand "Team Kramer" and drew in millions of followers.

8.6 Million Followers

1.6 Million Followers


Effectively Sell Your Products Online

by Chinkee Tan


  • How to create and develop your own products
  • Things to consider when setting up your online business
  • How to create the sales process
  • How to stand out from the competition
  • How to get leads and clients
  • How to set up a marketing campaign
  • How to sell physical products and digital products

How to Be an Affiliate Marketer

by Carlo Ople


  • How he created multiple income streams online
  • How to monetize Facebook, YouTube and your Instagram account even with a few followers
  • What is affiliate marketing and how to earn P25,000 to P100,000 a month from it
  • How to set up your own affiliate marketing account.

Become a Social Media Personality

by Doug Kramer


  • How to build online communities
  • How to strengthen customer relationships
  • How to create a strong brand
  • How to monetize your passion
  • How can you attract customers or advertisers
  • How to stand out from your competition
  • How to get brand deals
  • How can you build long-term partnerships
  • How to price yourself in the market


If you can find a course that will help you earn anywhere between P30,000 a month or P300,000 to P3,000,000 a year, how much will you be willing to invest?

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